Hovercraft Glide Turbo Racing

Tired of boring racing games that hold your hand? Want a game that will test your skill? Look no further! Speed through tracks floating miles above the surface. Rocket past your opponents with turbo boost. Immerse yourself in 3D audio --- you will hear the hum of your opponents engines when they come near you.

Hovercraft Glide Turbo Racing features the following:

  • Fully customizable controls. Adjust the size and position of the buttons to fit your grip.
  • 3D Sound effects
  • 4 Vehicles, each with unique characteristics: High Top Speed, High Acceleration, Fast Rotation, High Mass.
  • 15 Tracks divided into 3 cups (5 tracks per cup).

Track features:

  • Four different planetary environments.
  • Rough spots which slow your vehicle.
  • Speed boosts which give a quick burst of speed.
  • Ramps to jump over holes and obstacles (may also be used by a skilled pilot to cleverly skip parts of the track)
  • Turbo boosts are awarded after each completed lap (and may be accumulated over multiple laps).
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